Why It Is Not The Best Time For Property Valuers Perth

The last ten years they got into double figures in terms of the number of suburbs that were surveyed so Sydney at forty-four percent Melbourne at-percent and Darwin at nineteen percent so the rest of the Capitals so Brisbane and Adelaide with three percent Perth was seven percent Canberra was four percent so wait fit’s ever if we can ever reinforce the fact that everyone’s got a theory always think that no man with inexperience is ever at the mercy of a man with a theory with an experience is eve rat the most amount.

Of theories there I’m going Perth Property Valuers it no man meaning human yeah roman with an experiences ever at the mercy of a man with a theory so if the point of that is if I just say properties double in value there’s no theory yeah but the experience is the facts don’t lie yes and the facts suggest that there’s only three suburbs that have done that so there’s plenty of people who look like they’ve got Authority get up on stage and ramble on-about their numbers but like I want to this weekend no one really fact checks them.

And obviously this is a bit of effect yet yeah in terms of what that look like so it’s important to really to you know I always suggest that when See clients they get it around the wrong way they talk about property first then they talk about suburb second and then hopefully yeah I talk about strategy we want to flip that on some on its head we-want to talk about strategy first suburb second and property.

Third and this is undeniably backs that up it does it improves that not all properties recreated equal now if you’re new to this podcast get back to the start listen to the journey that we take you on the educational journey that we take you on because that’s what it’s about it’s about saying you.